Sewing Diversion: Lace

My knitting output has been low these days because I’ve been focused on a couple of sewing projects. I recently participated in a week-long couture sewing workshop, at which I chose to learn about working with lace fabrics. What an experience! I finished one project, which is a Guipure Lace Pencil Skirt. This particular lace is wool and is reminiscent of a crochet or knit pattern. In fact, I think this can be replicated as a knit/crochet garment!

Guipure Lace Pencil 1


And my Soutache Lace Trench Coat is still in progress. It has been a slow progress, as the couture method requires a lot of hand stitching and precise sewing. That said, it is coming along nicely. Here’s a work in progress photo so you can see the lace and the scallops, which I matched to run along the center front edges as well as the hem. It is an interesting fabric — the base is a navy blue lace with white cording stitched to outline certain motifs.

Soutache Lace Trench Coat


I have more details on my sewing blog, if you are interested. I’ll get rolling on my knitting projects again soon — warmer weather is coming and I need to be ready with some cute cotton knits!


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  1. What an amazing lace skirt! Fab fit and stunning on you! I look forward to seeing your Lace Trench Coat finished!

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