Fall 2013 Fashion: Celine’s Cozy Collection

All of the major fashion weeks are over and the NYT did a great wrap-up article and slideshow of some of the highlights. For me, Celine’s collection really caught my eye. It was a mix of soft and structured, which created a very comfy-looking, yet thoroughly chic, collection. The NYT dubbed it “slob appeal” — in a good way — but I just think it is a great counterpoint to all of the highly fitted styles that we’ve been seeing in recent collections. All images below are from here.

I love the look of the fulled fabrics (they are knits) and how they can drape but still maintain a structured shape.

Celine Fall 2013 1


Of course, the beautifully chunky sweater is a highlight. Love the cuffs.

Celine Fall 2013 2


This look is so fun. It reminds me of when I used to tie my sweaters and around my waist  when the weather got too warm!

Celine Fall 2013 3


Love the mix of plaids and the simple shapes.

Celine Fall 2013 4


A new take on a sweater and skirt set.

Celine Fall 2013 5

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One Response to Fall 2013 Fashion: Celine’s Cozy Collection

  1. Elise says:

    Oh my gosh I love that chunky sweater with the silk skirt. You’re right it is a refreshing change from fitted. I am envious of what you could replicate with your knitting skills!

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